Thinking of buying or upgrading DSLR?
Aim of our landscape photography workshops based in Dublin is
to give you the know-how to create beautiful images with every DSLR.
On our workshops we will show you how to:
- Plan your shots using smartphone apps or laptop
- Create stunning landscapes with set lenses and without filters
- Get affordable photography equipment if necessary
( you don't need to buy ''more'' to create better photos )

Be one step ahead
It is very important to know how to create your ''vision''
inside photography software such as Lightroom or Photoshop
because  that is bringing you one step ahead from others.
On our workshops we will show you how to:
- work with RAW files to create good starting point for your photo.
- creating masks, adjustment layers, work with plug-ins.
- adding amazing details and sharpness using different techniques.
- remove objects, reduce noise and create nice and smooth image.

Getting ready for your Holidays
What do you really need to have in your camera bag for holidays?
Probably all of us would like to take all of our gear with us,
but is it really necessary ?
On our workshops we will show you how to:
- how to leave half of your photo equipment at home.
- get bad weather on your side.

- shoot in the middle of the day .
- shoot hand held crispy sharp photos.